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Dog saved after swallowing three dummies and a glow stick

Vets saved a pet dog from "death's door" after she swallowed three dummies and a glow stick, her owner said.

Rosie, an 11-month-old cross between a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and a poodle known as a Cavapoo, was sick and lethargic and X-rays revealed what could have been a fatal blockage in her intestines.

The much-loved pet underwent emergency treatment at the Middlesbrough PDSA Pet Hospital, where vet Nigel Crane said: "Dogs often use their mouth to investigate objects, and sometimes swallow things by mistake.

"Although objects sometimes pass through without harm, some get stuck in the dog's stomach or intestines, which is extremely dangerous and can be life-threatening."

Grateful owner Megan Marron, 22, said: "Rosie was at death's door when we left her with PDSA, and we were devastated to think we might lose her."

She said: "I don't know how she got hold of these things.

"The dummies must have been my daughter's but they're not usually left lying around.

"I have absolutely no idea where she got hold of a glow stick though."

Rosie has now made a full recovery and her owner keeps a close eye on what she picks up.

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