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Dogs join race to mark Peru pet day

More than 1,000 dogs and their owners have taken part in a race through Lima as part of events to mark pet day.

Dogs, big and small, raced through the streets, some bounding excitedly and barking alongside their owners while others needed a bit more encouragement to keep up with the others.

Spectators lined the 2.5-mile route, cheering on participants and their pets.

"It was a great race," said race participant Kenny Pillaca. "It's the first time that I've taken part in the Perroton and I think it's a good idea to celebrate pet day, I think it's excellent."

Enrique Quichiz and his dog, who finished close to last, said the race was about more than just competing.

"It's a lovely experience for you to have with your pet and it's the taking part that's important and letting pets know that we love them and they are part of our family," he said.

The event, now in its second year, is organised by pet food companies together with the municipality of San Borja, a district in the south-east of the Peru capital.


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