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Driver drinks to coffee-power car

The driver of a coffee-powered car has set a speed record.

With a Guinness World Records adjudicator looking on, conservationist Martin Bacon, 42, got his specially modified Ford P100 pick-up truck to go more than 65mph.

Watched by his wife Jill, father-of-two Mr Bacon, from Teesdale, in the North East, completed his run at Woodford Airfield in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

The speed is a world best for this type of vehicle.

The vehicle uses coffee chaff pellets - the waste product from coffee production - which are heated in a charcoal fire where they break down into carbon monoxide and hydrogen.

The gas is cooled and filtered before hydrogen is combusted to drive the engine.

The car was commissioned by The Co-Operative to mark the 10th anniversary of it converting all its coffee to Fairtrade.


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