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Drivers admit splashing pedestrians

Mischievous motorists are happy to make a splash by deliberately soaking pedestrians in wet conditions, according to a survey.

As many as 39% of drivers admitted to laughing if they saw a splashed pedestrian, while 16% have splashed on purpose, the poll by the webuyanycar company found.

Of the 2,000 drivers questioned, 26% said they had soaked someone by accident, but 55% said they went out of their way to avoid puddles in the road to try to keep pedestrians soak-free.

Of those who had splashed pedestrians, 12% stopped to apologise but 17% did nothing and 16% laughed.

Drivers can be prosecuted under the 1988 Road Traffic Act in a section which covers selfish or aggressive behaviour on the road.

The poll showed that 44% believed splashing to be illegal, 23% thought it was not and 32% did not know.

A spokesman said: "There seems to be a clear split on people's sense of humour and while some people may find this amusing, driving through puddles is not only inconsiderate but can also be dangerous.

"When conditions are bad, it's important that we all act safely."


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