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Erotic sculptures raise eyebrows

Erotic sculptures have raised a few eyebrows at an auction house before they go on sale.

The lots, including bronzes called Techno Lover and Bunny Waitress, have become a talking point in the salesroom at Bellmans Auctioneers in Wisborough Green, West Sussex.

The sculptures, by German artist Rudolfo Bucacio, were sent to the auctioneer by a private client.

Simon Garner, auctioneer and valuer at Bellmans, said: "We do not normally sell this sort of thing.

"It's not to everyone's taste but they do have a collectable value and there are people out there who really quite like this sort of thing. These will probably sell quite well."

Mr Garner said they had hidden one of the sculptures behind a heater and the other behind some furniture to make sure they did not cause offence.

He said: "There is nothing left to the imagination but purely from a bronze or casting point of view they are very well done.

"It has been a talking point to say the least. The bunny girl is supposed to have a tray in her hands and almost everyone stops and has a giggle."

The sculptures will be auctioned on Friday with Techo Lover expected to fetch £1,500 to £2,000.


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