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German bomb found under Exmoor path

An unexploded bomb dropped in Britain during the Second World War has finally been discovered - underneath a popular footpath.

The 100lb German aerial bomb had been lying hidden beneath the path on Exmoor in Somerset for decades.

It was dropped near Larksborough Ruin during the conflict but failed to explode after hitting soft marshland.

A stunned hillwalker spotted the device on Sunday after recent heavy rain washed away part of the land over it.

The Royal Navy's Explosives Ordnance Division was called and carried out a controlled explosion.

A spokesman for Avon and Somerset Police said the bomb had been situated under a footpath near Alderman's Barrow, a popular Bronze Age site on Exmoor.

"On Sunday afternoon we were informed that unexploded ordnance had been found near Larksborough Ruin, around two miles from Porlock," the force spokesman said.

"Police officers attended the location and we kept the area secure overnight until the Royal Navy's Explosives Ordnance Division (EOD) arrived.

"When they arrived yesterday they uncovered more of the device and found it was a 100lb German aerial bomb.

"It had been dropped during World War II and had not exploded when it hit the soft marshland in the area.

"Instead, it had stayed there undisturbed until the recent rain and erosion of a footpath uncovered enough of the device for a hillwalker to notice it.

"The bomb was destroyed by the EOD during a controlled explosion at the scene."


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