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Guests with strange requests

Asking for plants to be watered while away and complaining about bed linen not matching the curtain colours are just some of the stranger requests by hotel guests.

One guest called for the 'sacking' of a horse after being left with sore buttocks following a riding holiday.

This particular guest even sent pictures of his red bottom, according to's customer support team.

The team's other weird occurrences include:

:: A customer who requested not to be called back about his booking and suggested a code-word be used instead of his name because he would be travelling with his son's wife, rather than his own;

:: A guest who insisted on being told the exact temperature of the sea in Marrakech;

:: One guest who asked for a "sensual room"' with a mirror on the ceiling;

:: A jealous boyfriend who demanded that a club entertainer who had looked at his girlfriend be fired. customer operations head David Beatley said: "Our customer support team are the 'hidden heroes' of the travel industry.

" With customers seeking 100% satisfaction from their holidays, their requests do sometimes uncover very personal needs."


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