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Haul of peanut butter heads to dump

Nearly a million jars of untainted peanut butter are being dumped at a New Mexico landfill in the US.

The 2.6 million US dollars (£1.5 million) worth of peanut butter is being hauled to the dump this week to expedite the sale of a peanut-processing plant in Portales.

The bankrupt Sunland was at the heart of a 2012 salmonella outbreak and nationwide recall.

Bankruptcy trustee Clarke Coll said the peanut butter was produced for Costco Wholesale before the plant shut last autumn.

But it refused to take the shipment and declined requests to let it be donated to food banks, repackaged or sold to brokers who provide food products to institutions like prisons - even though tests showed it was safe.

Court records show the peanut butter was rejected by Costco because of leaky peanut oil.


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