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Haye takes lead in weather paw-cast

In his boxing career he is known as the Hayemaker, but now former WBA heavyweight champion David Haye is running rings around a fresh battle - how to keep dogs cool on long hot summer days.

The owner of three chihuahuas, Haye has been picked to front a weather "pawcast" on YouTube to encourage dog owners to recognise the dangers their pets face on hot days.

"I hope that by presenting the weather for dogs I can encourage people that love dogs just as much as I do to be a bit more mindful of the weather and how it affects their pets," Haye said of the campaign, sponsored by insurance firm More Than.

The forecast takes in a Dog Temperature Risk Scale, developed by veterinary expert Robert White-Adams.

It highlights three risk ranges and offers advice on what pet owners can do to help their furry friends avoid health problems caused by a long hot summer.

It advises owners to get their pets clipped to a shorter coat, to make sure walks are taken in e arly morning or late at night when the temperature is cooler and to always take water with you on walks to help your dog keep its cool.


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