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Holidays 'can prompt more exercise'

Some tourists are more likely to exercise while on holiday than at home, according to a survey.

Around 26% of those taking trips do some form of exercise while on a break, the poll by travel agent found.

Of these, 62% said they did not exercise when they were at home, with the presence of good fitness facilities being the main reason they worked out while away.

A total of 1,862 UK adults took part in the survey, each of whom had been abroad on holiday in the past 12 months.

The other main reason for exercising on holiday was to counter the big calorie intake on a trip.

Others merely wanted to keep fit, while some holidaymakers said exercises while away helped them relax.

Swimming was the most popular activity among the keep-fit-while-away brigade, followed by running on the beach, gym work and exercise classes. co-founder Chris Clarkson said: "In my opinion, there are better ways to spend a holiday than to be exercising - after all, you are on holiday.

"Obviously, the odd swim in the pool or sea is part and parcel of a hot holiday, but people shouldn't waste precious holiday hours exercising too much."


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