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'Horror' barber marks milestone

A barber is celebrating 15 years of scaring unsuspecting tourists with his horror-themed shop.

Sweeney Todd in the Perthshire town of Pitlochry specialises in haircuts and hot shaves with a difference.

Taking its inspiration from the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, customers at the Bonnethill Road business are served by staff wearing "blood-stained" overalls.

Outside the store stands a life-like Freddy Krueger model or sometimes that other murderous antihero, Pinhead from the Hellraiser films.

This provides good fun for passing tourists who make up a large part of the clientele, says owner Will Robertson, 41.

"Pitlochry is such a tourist town, I get lots of trade from all over the world," he said. "At the shop we put the wig on, the bloody gown, it's just a bit of fun for them. I think I just like winding people up."

"It's like the models we have outside," he added. "Their eyes and head move, and they can talk. So when they stop to pose for a picture and put their arm around the figure, they get the fright of their lives. The locals find it hysterical when unsuspecting tourists go past."

The barbers caused a bit of a stir among other business owners when it was established 15 years ago. "I started painting the shop red and the butcher next door said, 'next thing you'll be calling it Sweeney Todd's'. I said, 'How did you guess?'"

Mr Robertson said past customers include film director Guy Ritchie and a cast member from the US show CSI Miami.

A gangster-themed barbers in Perth is planned and a search is under way for the right premises, he said.

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