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Hunters haul in 71-stone alligator

A group of Alabama hunters is celebrating the catch of a lifetime - a 15ft-long alligator weighing more than 71 stone.

The monster alligator was pulled from the water in south Alabama early on Saturday, during the US state's alligator hunting season.

Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries biologists were able to measure the alligator at 15ft, but weighing it posed a challenge.

The first attempt completely destroyed a winch assembly used to hoist most average alligators. So they had to use a backhoe to lift the animal. It weighed in at 1,011.5lb, or 71.4 stone.

The alligator is the largest ever legally killed by an Alabama hunter.

It was caught by Mandy and John Stokes, as well as Kevin Jenkins and his children, 16-year-old Savannah and 14-year-old Parker.


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