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It's Christmas every day for Andy

While most people are taking down their Christmas decorations to mark Twelfth Night, one man is putting new ones up.

Andy Park - known as Mr Christmas - has celebrated December 25 every day for the last 20 years at his home in Melksham, Wiltshire.

Mr Park, 50, an electrician, said: "I am the only person in the world that celebrates Christmas every day of the year.

"While everyone else is taking their tree down, I am putting a new one up. If you celebrate Christmas every day of the year you have to replace the tree and the decorations.

"I've been out and spent £600 on new lights and decorations to make my home look really glitzy and glammy for the other 360-odd days of the year."

He tucks into a turkey dinner seven days a week and celebrates with cards and presents.

Mr Park, a divorcee, started celebrating Christmas every day in 1994 in order to cheer himself up.

In 2009 he appeared on former Radio 1 DJ Mike Read's Christmas single My Christmas Card To You.


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