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Lorry crashes into Sydney tunnel

A lorry with a raised container has crashed into the roof of a Sydney tunnel, causing significant damage and long delays to traffic.

CCTV footage of the incident, which happened on Thursday, shows the container slowing rising as it approaches the tunnel.

It then slams into the roof after driving through the entrance of the M3 tunnel during the morning rush hour.

The New South Wales roads minister told Australian media that the lorry's tipping mechanism was activated after the driver accidentally knocked the controls as he leaned down to pick up his glasses.

Duncan Gay also said the truck company will have to pay for the damage. "These idiots, when they do this, have got to acknowledge that they not only stop their own truck and it will disadvantage them, but they disadvantage the whole city, " said Mr Gay.

All of the city-bound lanes of the tunnel were closed as emergency workers removed the vehicle and cleared debris from the road.


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