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Luke, five, hailed for 999 call

A quick-thinking five-year-old called police after his mother became trapped in her bedroom.

Luke Reece had never used a telephone before but did not hesitate in dialling 999 and asking for help.

His mother Rachel Clarke was doing some DIY on the bedroom door and became trapped when Luke's seven-year-old sister accidentally shut it - trapping them both.

Luke, who was with his two-year-old brother, did not panic and called the police.

An officer from Southmead police station arrived at their home in Lowther Road, Bristol, shortly afterwards and released Ms Clarke.

She said: "I am so proud of Luke. It is the first time that he had used the phone.

"I was in a mad panic. We had been doing some work on the door and the bar was not attached to the handle. My daughter shut the door accidentally and we couldn't get out.

"The whole incident was made worse because I had lost my voice and was struggling to give Luke instructions on what to do and it was not easy shouting the instructions to him through the closed door.

"Initially I was going to ask him to go round to the neighbour's house and get help, but he had his two-year-old brother with him, so I could not risk them going outside on their own."

Inspector Mark Runacres, of Avon and Somerset Police, said: "When Luke realised mum could not get out of the bedroom he called 999 and asked for the police's help. The call handler was able to find out what had happened and reassure Luke, while sending a police car to the house to help release Luke's mum and sister."


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