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Miracle moggy survives viaduct fall

A clumsy cat who lost a leg after falling 70ft from a viaduct is recovering at home after being found.

Bengal cat Gus plunged from the viaduct in Frampton Mansell, near Stroud, Gloucestershire.

The 18-month-old pet was kept alive by maggots as they nibbled dead flesh away from a broken leg - preventing blood poisoning.

He crawled under a trailer to stay hidden and was found six days later when a passing dog walker startled him.

Owner Caroline Bush, 39, said: "He went missing for six days and we didn't know where he was. We got a phone call from someone to say they had found him under a trailer. When I took him out from under the trailer he was missing his front leg as it had all rotted away."

Mrs Bush and her three children, Sashi, 10, Fintan, nine, and Orlah, six, took Gus to a vets where staff were sceptical about his chances of survival.

But they amputated Gus's badly injured front left leg and he has now returned to the family home in Frampton Mansell.

"We took him to the vets and a day later we had another call from a lady who had actually seen him fall from the viaduct the week before," Mrs Bush said.

"It's about half a mile away from our house. How he got up there we don't know because it is a huge climb."

Mrs Bush, who runs a dog walking business, said Gus was recovering well, minus the front leg. Mansell website)


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