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'Missing' boy snoozes amid search

A five-year-old boy who sparked a massive search when he was thought to have disappeared was found fast asleep in his parents' living room.

Around a dozen police officers, police dogs, a force helicopter and scores of members of the public took part in the search for "missing" Jenson Lorey.

The alarm was raised on Monday night after his father Andrew briefly went to the kitchen and returned to find his young son had vanished.

Concern then turned to panic by the time his mother, Samantha Thomas, returned home from the gym 20 minutes later.

"I started screaming and running around the street," she told the South Wales Evening Post.

"I thought the worst had happened. We had 12 police officers out looking for him, police dogs, and the helicopter.

"They searched the attic, they searched everywhere. We even had bus drivers using their radios, and the taxi drivers were all looking."

But an hour-and-a-half, as well as hundreds of Facebook and Twitter messages, later, Jenson was found snoozing under a beanbag by his older sister Sienna, six.

Miss Thomas, who lives in Penlan, Swansea, said: "He cannot have been under the beanbag all that time because it was moved several times.

"He must have moved about, but we have no idea where. All we know is he was sleeping soundly when we found him."


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