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MPs agree Commons has a bad smell

MPs have kicked up a stink in the House of Commons after a poorly Scout vomited on the Government benches.

Politicians from across the political divide took a brief break from arguing over the Budget to agree on Twitter there was an unusual odour in the chamber.

Stephen Gilbert, Liberal Democrat MP for St Austell and Newquay, said: "In the Budget debate in the House of Commons (which has a really odd smell today!)."

It was later revealed the culprit was a member of a Scout troop from Wales who were being given a tour of the Commons chamber late on Wednesday.

The problem was first noticed on Thursday morning as MPs arrived for a day which included debates on yesterday's Budget. The smell was still noticeable later in the day despite MPs' complaints to parliamentary staff.

A spokesman for Mr Gilbert said: "Stephen brought it to the attention of the doorkeeper and they have attempted to clean it three times.

"Unfortunately the smell still lingers."

One MP took the opportunity to score political points.

"This is a Scout who is passing judgment on the coalition's Budget and policies, but we hope he gets well soon," said Labour's John Mann on Twitter.

A House of Commons spokesman said: "When children are given tours it's not an unusual occurrence. It's been given a deep clean and it will be cleaned again tonight."


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