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Mystery substance closes Looe beach

A beach has been closed after a mystery bright yellow substance has been washed ashore.

The "putty-like" material was discovered on sands at Hannafore near Looe, Cornwall, on Saturday.

Coastguards said the Environment Agency were now conducting tests.

Earlier in the week, a white substance had been found on beaches in west Cornwall. After analysis, it later proved to be non-harmful palm oil.

Officials say it was possible the two finds were linked - but as a precautionary measure Hannafore beach would be off limits until they knew for certain.

A Brixham Coastguard spokesman said: " We are not sure at the moment what it is. It is not the same colour as the substance that was washed up on the beaches further west of Cornwall.

"But w e are advising people not to go near it or allow their pets to go near it until we have found out exactly what it is."


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