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Nanny goat's kids are little lambs

A goat has taken two lambs who were rejected by their mother under her wing.

The lambs were born nearly three weeks ago at White Post Farm in Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire. When their mother rejected them, Geraldine the Golden Guernsey goat adopted them.

The farm has now launched a Facebook page inviting visitors to suggest names for the lambs.

Anthony Moore, one of the managers at the farm, said: "It's so strange to see her looking after the lambs but the three of them have really bonded and get on really well.

"We were worried at first because the first few days are critical and the lambs need the nutrients from their mother's milk. Luckily Geraldine was more than happy to adopt and feed them.

"Now they walk around the farm together and the two lambs never leave Geraldine's side. They make a really nice little family."

Mr Moore said Geraldine had a male kid earlier this year so is no stranger to motherhood.

"We thought we would try Geraldine when the lambs' mother rejected them. The Golden Guernsey breed is very friendly and laid back.

"It's lovely to go in their shed in the morning and see this golden orange-coloured goat with two small black lambs snuggled up by her side.

"Outside you'll see them sat on top of Geraldine just as they would their normal mother - it's a very strange but lovely sight."


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