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'No ban on lollipop lady high-five'

A council has denied banning a lollipop lady from giving passing children a "high-five" outside a school.

The crossing guard, who stands outside Grindon Hall Christian School in Sunderland, has become renowned for her friendly demeanour and the way she greets crossing youngsters.

But after it was reported that motorists had complained, and that Sunderland City Council had banned her from doing it, the authority has now claimed that was never the case.

The council had said that officers must establish the trust and confidence of pupils in ways that fit in with safety protocols.

In response, Chris Gray, principal at the school, told the Sunderland Echo: "We, as a school, love having our lollipop lady. She's been very popular since she started at the school.

"I'm sure the council have good reason for doing this, but it does seem a pity and excessive."

But the council said it is now talking to the school and the lollipop lady to resolve the misunderstanding.

Councillor James Blackburn said: "We are speaking to both the school and our school crossing patrol officer to see where this misunderstanding has occurred.

"There was no instruction from the City Council to stop 'high- fiving' the children as they stood on the pavement as they waited to cross the road, as has been suggested."


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