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Peckham pair ducking and diving

Two unusual residents have been turning heads on a south London high street.

Donald and Daffy, French Rouen ducks, have become familiar faces in Peckham where it has been only fowls and no horses.

Owner Marwan Elboury, 20, takes the duck brothers for walks around Peckham, and even takes them to work.

"They have gone all around London on public transport," he said. "I walk them everywhere. The majority of the time in Burgess Park because that is where they swim, and on Peckham High Street. I don't like keeping them confined so I just put a harness on them and off they walk down the high street."

The ducks, who Mr Elboury hatched in an DIY incubator from eggs he bought on eBay, have also accompanied him on visits to schools and the West End.

Mr Elboury takes Donald and Daffy to work with him at the Garden Centre Aquatics, south London where they are a hit with the customers.

"People see the ducks and come flooding in. Some people are scared of them because they have a bird phobia or because they are large and chase them. But they do attract people," he said.

"The only thing they need is attention. They want to be handled and interacted with and they don't like to be bored," he said.

"They don't want to be alone. You could never have one duck unless you spent 24 hours of your day with them. They keep each other entertained when I'm not around. They are generally inquisitive about everything. When they hear a plane they look up at the sky and want to know what is happening there," he added.


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