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PM's sheep dip down on the farm

Dragging the UK economy out of the mire may be proving more difficult than he hoped but when it comes to sheep it seems David Cameron is a big success.

The Prime Minister waded in to a swamp to haul out a stranded ewe after a day helping a neighbour with lambing in his rural Oxfordshire constituency.

"Well, I helped my neighbour with his lambing one weekend and that gave me more pleasure than anything I've done for a long time," he said at a recent reception.

He had been asked what he would do after politics when he took questions from winners of the Mum of the Year awards at Number 10.

"He lost one of his ewes and so we were bottle-feeding some of his lambs and then one of his sheep got stuck in a swamp," he told one of the mothers.

"Sadly two lambs had died and obviously she'd gone in to rescue them and they'd drowned.

"We managed to get the ewe out. Some of the staff with me joined in. We all jumped in and were up to our waists in the swamp.

"So this ewe has now been named Swampy and she's alive and well. I'm not saying I'm going to be a farmer, but I do love the countryside."

Mr Cameron's answers are being published by awards sponsor Tesco in its magazine.


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