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Police website crashes over jobs ad

A police force which advertised for new officers was forced to withdraw the ad just three hours later after receiving enough applications.

Wiltshire Police is the first force in the country to launch an open recruitment drive since the Winsor review cut the starting salary of new police constables by £4,000 to £19,000 a year.

The force website crashed after receiving 282,000 hits when the application process opened on Wednesday afternoon.

It was closed completely after two-and-a-half hours when the force received its target of 1,000 online applications.

Wiltshire Police said it was looking to create a pool of suitable candidates to fill vacancies over the next three years. Typically it recruits about 45 trainee officers a year.

Like most forces across the country, a recruitment freeze has been in place in Wiltshire and no new staff were hired between 2009 and 2012.

The only way to apply for the new jobs was via the force website and a holding page was put in place.

But minutes after the application process went live at 4pm the site crashed due to high volumes of traffic. It was back online by 4.05pm but the whole site was closed by 6.30pm after the deluge of applications.

Applicants who succeeded in getting through to the application page had to undergo a three-stage process taking 30 minutes.

The entire application process will take around 46 weeks from the initial application stage to the date employment will commence.


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