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Pomeranian is fastest on two legs

Jiff a Pomeranian dog was already cute and lovable, but now he's proven he's speedy too.

The 4-year-old dog has blazed into the 60th edition of the Guinness World Records book for his unusual talent of running on just two paws - standing up on his back paws, but also balancing on just his front paws.

He can run 10 meters on his hind legs in 6.56 seconds and 5 meters on his front paws in 7.76 seconds. Both times are faster than any other dog on the planet has clocked.

Jiff is used to the spotlight, as a regular on television and a model. His owners have chosen to remain anonymous so they don't detract from his popularity.

Besides running, Jiff also shakes, closes doors, covers his eyes, stamps his autograph, bows and skateboards, they said.


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