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Queen 'teased Cameron' over play

The Queen teased David Cameron over scenes in a play that show her dozing off as he is "going on" about Europe by suggesting life could imitate art, it has been claimed.

After hearing about the section in West End play The Audience where she falls asleep during a regular meeting with the Prime Minister, the Queen assured him it had never happened in real life before adding, after a pause, "Yet!", according to the Mail on Sunday.

Details of the weekly discussions are expected to remain strictly confidential but Mr Cameron revealed the joke when he met one of the show's producers, Andy Harries, at a party while on holiday in Ibiza last month, according to the newspaper.

He told The Mail on Sunday: "I was sitting next to Mr Cameron at a party in Ibiza a few weeks ago and we were having a glass of wine.

"He remembered that I had produced the film The Queen (in which Dame Helen also starred) - and I told him I was involved in The Audience, and that he was in it. He said he hadn't seen it, but was very keen to do so.

"He said the Queen had asked him about the play in one of his real audiences with her. She said, "I understand there is a play about our meetings and it shows you going on about Europe after you have been to a summit in Brussels and me falling asleep - when I haven't done, have I? Yet.

"She left a pause before the "yet". Mr Cameron told it in a most amusing way. It's known the Queen has a sense of humour, but she clearly has good timing too. Mr Cameron came to the play shortly afterwards and laughed like a drain."


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