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Rescued puppies picture of health

These playful dogs are a picture of health after a rough start in the hands of an unscrupulous breeder.

They were among a dozen puppies who were just days from death when they were rescued by the RSPCA from cold garden sheds without food and water.

All 12 - which were boxers, Cavalier King Charles spaniels, springer spaniels and pug crosses - are now back to full health and happily rehomed.

Five of the dogs, pug crosses Betty, Alice and Rigsby and springer spaniels Martha and Maggie, were reunited at Manor House Vets in Halesowen, West Midlands, where they were treated, as the RSPCA highlighted the pitfalls of buying puppies from disreputable breeders.

But RSPCA Inspector Jayne Bashford, who was a key figure in rescuing the animals, said: "They are not pets to these people, they are a financial commodity and they are dealing in a lot of death and suffering.

"From the RSPCA's point of view we would ask people who are considering buying a puppy just to think about where these animals are coming from.

"If you go to an address, make sure you see both parents and do your research.

"Otherwise, you may innocently be supporting people who are acting very unscrupulously and below the law."

The breeders at the centre of the RSPCA's investigation into the neglect of the 12 Birmingham puppies saw two people convicted of 14 counts of animal cruelty, with one being jailed for six months and the other receiving a six-month suspended sentence. Both were banned from keeping animals for life.


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