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Rubber duck becomes a dog's dinner

A mobile phone, a rubber duck and a £20 note have all ended up inside dogs' stomachs, according to a new survey.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home revealed dogs have eaten a number of unusual items including a balloon, a pair of earrings, a tube of glitter and three magnets.

Out of the 200,000 pet owners surveyed, some said their dogs had swallowed 110 tea lights, an industrial fisherman's glove, net curtains and a baby shoe.

Patrick, a six-month-old stray mongrel, swallowed a wooden kebab skewer whole and had to undergo an emergency operation by Battersea's veterinary team when he arrived on St Patrick's Day.

Battersea vets have previously removed a toy bus, a corn on the cob and a squeaky toy from dogs' stomachs.

The charity is now warning dog owners to be careful about leaving small objects lying around as they could potentially be fatal.

Ali Taylor, head of canine welfare training at Battersea, said: "Try not to leave things lying around if your dog has a habit of picking them up.

"If your dog has gotten hold of something it shouldn't don't attempt to chase it around the house trying to retrieve it from his mouth, as your dog may see this as a game and give him all the more reason to swallow it.

"Instead try exchanging the item your dog has in its mouth for his favourite treat or toy.

"If your dog has eaten something it shouldn't and you are worried, consult your vet immediately."


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