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Runaway cow causes chaos in city

A construction worker who tried to help police corral a runaway cow said the bovine charged at him "like a bull at a rodeo", tossing him into the air before continuing its rampage through the streets of Montana's largest city.

The snorting, charging cow ran amok in the centre of Billings for more than an hour-and-a-half, terrifying pedestrians and knocking over a cyclist until a police sniper fired a single shot through its heart.

Morgan Logan, of Acton, suffered broken bones in his lower leg and had sore ribs after his encounter with the 1,200-pound black Angus cow after it escaped from the Public Auction Yards on Tuesday afternoon, The Billings Gazette reported.

Mr Logan, 52, said he was driving a gravel truck when he saw the police chasing the animal and decided to try to help.

"I've been around livestock my whole life, so at first sight I thought it was pretty funny seeing cops chase a cow down the street," said Mr Logan. "But she was like a bull at a rodeo."

The cow charged at him from under a tree, said Mr Logan, who was released from hospital on Wednesday.

Billings police Lt Kevin Iffland said by the time Mr Logan encountered the cow it had already tipped over a cyclist, charged pedestrians and nearly jumped over a police vehicle.


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