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Sales girls pose as mannequins

Four sales assistants swapped the shop floor for the shop window when they became real-life mannequins to give shoppers inspiration for Valentine's Day gifts.

The girls - Lesley-Anne Walker and Cheryl King, both 19, along with 18-year-olds Emma Ramshaw and Amy Berry - from Debenhams in Sunderland, donned luxurious underwear to model for passers-by.

Lesley-Anne said: "The manager asked whether we'd model in the front window to give the fellas a little inspiration for their last minute gifts."

She continued: "It was a little embarrassing at first but then it was fun. We each picked our favourite outfits and got up there and gave it some.

"I think as a sales tactic it has worked quite well, though I'm not doing this every day."

Sara Jackson, lingerie manager at Debenhams, said: "I went around the shop and asked staff - they just volunteered. I wanted a bit of promotion for Valentine's Day."

Store manager Graham Hollingworth said: "It's no mean feat to stand in the window in nothing but your underwear and I really do applaud the girls' bravery."


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