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Store set to open Christmas outlet

Britain may be basking in a summer heatwave but one department store is already gearing up for winter.

Selfridges in Oxford Street is set to open its Christmas shop on August 2 - 145 days before December 25 and its earliest ever start for the store.

While some shoppers may groan at the thought of festive decorations going on sale so soon, others keen to plan ahead can purchase pre-lit trees, crackers, fairy lights or even a £500 life-size donkey.

Visitors can also get into the Christmas spirit by painting their own baubles.

The store said previous sales had shown some customers, especially overseas tourists started thinking about Christmas during August.

Last year, its festive shop sold more than 1,000 baubles during the first week of trading after opening August 8.

Geraldine James, Selfridges Christmas Shop's buying manager, said: "Christmas is coming earlier each year.

"I can see a time when we offer a capsule Christmas collection throughout the year.

"We are famous globally for our Christmas decorations and our signature Selfridges bauble can be found on trees from Miami to Manchester, via Montego Bay."

The business was founded by American entrepreneur Gordon Selfridge in 1909 and run by him until he retired in 1940.


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