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Suspect tracked down by police dog

A dedicated police dog has been praised for successfully tracking a suspect for two miles.

German shepherd Troy was called to investigate after the owner of a "high value" Mercedes reported that it had been stolen from a house in Winscombe, North Somerset.

Avon and Somerset police officers had spotted the car and started a pursuit, but it was then lost from sight.

The vehicle was later found abandoned in Brockley Combe but there was no sign of the thieves.

Troy arrived at the scene with his handler Pc Jim Hampson and managed to pick up a scent.

He followed his nose for almost two miles and, together with a force helicopter, led a police team right to the suspect.

Four-year-old Troy was praised by Avon and Somerset chief constable Nick Gargan. He tweeted: "More great police dog work overnight. This time, our canine colleague Troy tracked for over 2 miles before finding a suspected burglar."

Pc Hampson, who has had Troy for three years, told the Bristol Post: "I'm very proud of his drive and determination.

"Tracking is his best skill and he'll go on and on. We went over a fence and through wood and over fields and it's a real challenge keeping hold of him."

Last October, Troy was praised for tracking a lead thief who fled after being caught red handed stripping the metal from the roof of a building in Blaise Castle, Bristol.


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