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Tourists tormented by 'tag-alongs'

More than 20% of holidaymakers are tormented by "tag-along tourists" they cannot shake off, according to a survey.

Nearly all of those affected dropped hints that they preferred to be alone, the poll by travel agency found.

Some tethered to the tag-alongs admitted they had made the mistake of speaking to the others first.

A total of 1,792 UK adults took part in the poll. Each had been on holiday abroad in the past 12 months.

Twenty-one per cent said they had been befriended on holiday by people they had not met before and were not given their own space for the majority of their trip.

Of those afflicted, many said the tag-alongs seemed bored and wanted other company or got on well with their own children or were "just over-friendly".

Yet, 11% said they, too, had been guilty of tagging along on previous trips.

Tag-alongs were most likely to come from the north of England, followed by south west England. managing director Chris Clarkson said: "If you really don't want to make friends on holiday, it's best to not start up conversations with people you don't know, otherwise you might find yourself going for meals with them, travelling out on the same excursions or even babysitting their kids."


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