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Tourists 'unsure' on leaving Europe

Holidaymakers might ponder long on a choice of overseas destinations but some seem unaware of where they have been, according to a survey.

As many as 17% of those asked if they taken trips outside Europe said they were unsure, the poll by travel agent found.

This uncertainty was down to either their lack of geographical knowledge or due to just not recalling past trips.

The poll was based on responses from 2,134 UK adults, of whom 55% said they had never ventured outside Europe, while 39% said they planned never to take a trip beyond their own continent.

For those preferring breaks closer to home, unease with unfamiliar places was the main reason for not going on longer-haul holidays.

Others preferred short-haul flights, considered breaks outside Europe to be too expensive, reckoned all their favourite destinations were in Europe or had a fear of flying. managing director Chris Clarkson said: "There are relatively short-haul flights to destinations outside Europe, such as Morocco and Egypt, so people shouldn't use that as an excuse not to explore further afield.

"I think it's shocking that the top reason for people not wanting to leave Europe for a holiday was the fact they were uneasy about unfamiliar places."


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