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Travel reporter inspired by Disney

A travel reporter in the US has won international attention after an on-air parody of a Disney song.

Bob Herzog, a reporter at WKRC in Cincinnati, changed Let It Go, sung by Princess Elsa in the animated movie Frozen, to Just Don't Go to reference the severe wintry weather the country has been enduring.

As images of cars skidding on ice and traffic conditions played, Mr Herzog dramatically sang lines like: "I must share what dispatchers say, all the traction's gone. Schools closed or at least they're on a delay."

A YouTube video of the performance has been viewed almost 800,000 times, and media outlets across the US have featured it.

The parody is part of Mr Herzog's Dance Party Fridays, which have also seen him change Elton John's Rocket Man to Traffic Man, Tom Petty's Free Falling to Tree Falling, and Barry Manilow's Copacabana to Drive Indiana.


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