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Twins make nursery staff see double

Staff at a nursery are seeing double - as a third of their pupils are twins.

Acorns Nursery at West Somerset Community College in Minehead has 30 children on its roll, including five sets of twins.

Two sets of the twins are identical.

The nursery, which is a training site for those hoping for a job in childcare, only opened in September.

Julie Strachan, acting manager for Acorns, admitted looking after so many twins was a "challenge" but said it had advantages too.

She said: "I have been working with children for 22 years and never heard of five sets of twins at once.

"It is good fun working with them, though it is a challenge.

"We have got to know the children very well so we can spot subtle differences between them and can tell them apart.

"Sometimes one will cry and the other will know instantly what it wants, so they can help us out."

Acorns achieved "good" in all areas in its first Ofsted inspection.


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