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US farmer builds massive snowman

A US farmer has created a towering tribute to winter's excess in the form of a massive snowman.

Greg Novak says he has invested hundreds of hours to build a 50ft (15m) snowman named Granddaddy that he hopes will wake onlookers from their winter doldrums.

But he admits it has some neighbours questioning his sanity.

Granddaddy began to take shape earlier this winter when the Gilman, Minnesota, farmer needed to move mounting snow piles away from his greenhouses.

"As long as you're moving it, might as well do something practical with it," Mr Novak said.

Friends and family pitched in to help with Granddaddy, or to carry out farm tasks while Mr Novak worked on building the snowman.

He used skid loaders to pile snow and a silage blower to direct snow into stacked cylinders, according to a local newspaper.

"It puts a smile on people's faces," Mr Novak said. "When people smile, you know you've done a good thing."

Granddaddy is but a mere child compared to efforts in the small community of Bethel, Maine, in 2008.

Residents there claim the world record for the tallest snowperson, a 122ft (37m) snowwoman named Olympia after the state's then-US senator Olympia Snowe.


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