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Vicar revs up for new Merthyr post

A motorbike-mad vicar is revving up for his latest challenge as he returns home to Wales.

The Rev Mark Prevett will be licensed as priest in charge of Merthyr Tydfil, St David and Abercanaid next week by the Archbishop of Wales.

The 54-year-old takes over from the Rev Martyn Davies, who left to become Area Dean for the Vale of Glamorgan.

Mr Prevett, who used to be a rally car navigator, joins the parish from the Diocese of Winchester.

As well as having the usual household contents to move across the country, the father-of-four also has two motorbikes and a motorhome to transport.

He said: " I have just got rid of one motorbike or I would have three motorbikes to get across country.

"Because it's a town centre parish, I will probably be walking to most places - but my first choice of transport after that will be my bike.

"I used to have motorbikes when I was younger before family responsibilities took over but it was about 16 years ago that I started riding bikes again.

"It's the freedom of the open road that appeals, when you are riding a motorbike then that is all that you can think about - you can't think about work or anything else or you'll have an accident."

Originally from Abergavenny, Mr Prevett worked as an electrical engineer for the electricity board for 10 years before deciding to enter the priesthood.

"By returning home to Wales, I feel as though my ministry is coming full circle, particularly as it was in the Valleys that I started out as a curate," he added.

"I am particularly looking forward to working in this busy town centre parish which has a number of churches.

"There are lots of people and schools to visit and also some regeneration projects that I can get involved with.

"I have been doing this job now for 25 years but I still love it.

"I really think that I have got the best job in the world and can't wait to start to get to know everyone in my new parish."

Mr Prevett will be licensed on Tuesday, at St David's Church in Merthyr, by Archbishop of Wales Dr Barry Morgan.

Dr Morgan said: " Any diocese needs among its clergy, people who have ministered there all their lives and people from outside its borders who want to come and work in it.

"Mark Prevett comes to us from the Diocese of Winchester where he was team rector in Southampton and so is an experienced parish priest, used to working collaboratively and in a town ministry setting."


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