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Village terrorised by Shiny the cat

A tom cat is terrorising a village.

Shiny has put residents in hospital and injured other cats and dogs in Little Treviscoe, near St Austell, Cornwall.

The puss - dubbed the Terror Tom cat of Treviscoe - has been causing trouble for the past two years, according to residents.

They said the cat has repeatedly attacked dogs and even sunk his teeth and claws into humans - with one person requiring antibiotics after being attacked in June.

Residents said they have contacted the police and the RSPCA about Shiny following several incidents, which included the cat "launching" himself at residents, attaching himself to their arms, legs and hands and scratching their doors.

Among those hurt was Paula Burton who required antibiotics for a week after suffering scratches to her arm and bruising after Shiny struck.

"The policeman has been out a few times, but there is nothing he can do legally, and the cat is still at large and carrying on much as before," she told BBC Radio Cornwall.

Carol Ballsdon said Shiny had attacked her 90-year-old mother in the village.

"She had a large skin tear down the arm, which we had to dress every day for about three weeks, and two big puncture wounds on the back of her leg," Ms Ballsdon said.

"It is just four sets of claws and a set of teeth coming at you."

Another resident added: "I've had Shiny in my conservatory after my dog. It all sounds ridiculous and laughable. The cat's not normal."

Julia Terry said her cats have been attacked three times and required veterinary treatment and she had to take extreme measures to defend herself from Shiny.

"Twice when I've gone out to get my cat, it has then attacked me," she told the BBC.

"It launched off the fence, it attached onto my arm, so I was out the front, waving my arm around.

"I had to throw hot tea over it, it was the only way rather than bashing it against the wall to get it off my arm."

Shirley Wade, who has also been attacked, has even put her own cat on a curfew to try and prevent Shiny from hurting them.

"Our cat has got to be in by 3pm at night, so that he doesn't come along and attack again. And all day we have got to be out looking to make sure our cat is safe," she said.

Shiny's owners declined to be interviewed, but told BBC Radio Cornwall that despite visits from the police and RSPCA officers no charges have been laid and no enforcement action had been taken.

They added that since being neutered three months ago, Shiny is a changed character, who is "completely safe" around their youngest child.


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