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Working well - a new job every week

A man attempting to work 52 jobs this year in a fundraising attempt to find his dream career has said his enthusiasm for the charity stunt is as strong as ever - despite getting himself into debt 10 weeks into the project.

Matt Frost, arguably one of Britain's hardest-working jobseekers, is donating his wages at the end of every week to the Prince's Trust. His five-day placements have included stints as a stuntman, a photographer's assistant and a cattle farmer.

The jobs have taken him across southern England, throughout his home county of Cornwall and as far as London - with temporary employment also offered later this year in Northern Ireland and parts of Scotland.

"It's tough living on virtually no disposable income, so you can certainly say I'm giving my overdraft a run for its money, but I knew this was going to be tricky when I started, so it has not come as a shock," said the 29-year-old ex-retail manager.

"I'm trying to cut back personal costs as much as possible, so I am accepting lifts from people and crashing on sofas if I am working away from home."

He reached a crossroads last year after a serious injury at work in London forced him to consider his future career so he hopes the variety offered by his "job hop" fundraiser will also give him a greater insight into a future vocation - be it creative, physical or clerical, and placements have varied from hard labour to mentally exhausting employment.

Mr Frost, from Liskeard, who has also had to spend his free time setting up future placements, travel and living arrangements, said: "I was a stunt man for a week, which involved a lot of me being used as a padded punch bag. It was great fun, but a bit of a relief when the bell went at the end of the day.

"This week I have been working with children with special needs in Plymouth, which has been incredible too, for different reasons. And my time at the Prince's Trust was completely eye-opening - I have been able to see where the money I have raised is going, and seeing the real-life accounts of people who are genuinely struggling to get by."

Mr Frost has raised more than £2,500 for charity since he started the fundraiser, and is continuing his search for potential temporary employers.

Anyone interested in offering an opportunity to work can contact or visit


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