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£280m gas-fired power plant to go before city council

By John Mulgrew

A new £280m power station - capable of powering up to half of Northern Ireland's homes and businesses - is due to go before Belfast City Council's planning committee next week.

Evermore is developing a massive gas-fired plant at Belfast Harbour.

Co-founder Ciaran Devine told the Belfast Telegraph earlier this year that it could power up to 50% of Northern Ireland's homes and businesses.

Now the application, which is being decided by the Department for Infrastructure, will go before the city's planning committee next week.

The new power station will take around two-and-a-half years to construct.

The company has submitted a detailed plan for the development.

Belfast Power Ltd is proposing to develop a combined-cycle gas turbine power station at Airport Road West in the Belfast Harbour estate.

The development could include an underground gas pipeline connection and above-ground gas installation.

Members of Belfast City Council's planning committee will now have a chance to voice their views about the new scheme, which will then be submitted to the department and they will decide whether it gets the green light.

Earlier this year, a Westminster committee reported that Northern Ireland will need more energy than can be supplied by 2021.

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