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Balmoral Show-goers fume over traffic problems exiting Maze site

Balmoral Show-goers have angrily hit out at the traffic problems they experienced while leaving the Maze site.

One mother, speaking on the Stephen Nolan BBC radio show, said she was waiting in the car park, with her young children for four hours to get out on Thursday night,

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She told the show: "We had such a great day out, but the traffic problems were a nightmare and because of it, we won't be back."

DUP MP, Gregory Campbell  - who attended the show - said he, "like thousands of others" was caught up in the disruption and had to wait an hour-and-a-half to leave the Maze site.

"There needs to be a fundamental change for next year as to how traffic is managed," he said.

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Many contacted Stephen Nolan to vent their frustrations.

One highlighted that, as part of the £7 charge people pay to park at the site, £2 goes to traffic management.

In a statement, the organisers blamed those people who spent longer at the show than usual and urged people to take public transport.

"Due to the fantastic weather show goers spent longer on site enjoying their day at the Balmoral Show," the statement said.

"Our main objective is to allow our visitors to leave the show safely and measures were in place to manage traffic and help alleviate congestion at extremely busy periods.

"We advise public coming to enjoy the show today to use public transport."

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