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Tractor driver Marty Mone looks to 'Hit the Diff' to one million views

By Kirsten Elder

He's an internet sensation on the cusp of getting one million views for his tractor and digger song “Hit the Diff”.

Singer Marty Mone has racked up over 950,000 views of his self-penned song in praise of a gearing mechanism on heavy machinery.

This week he has been playing with his MadAss Mules band three times a day at the Balmoral Show at the Maze near Lisburn.

Marty, a tractor driver and singer/songwriter from Castleblayney, was ‘shocked’ and ‘surprised’ to discover that so many people have listened and viewed to his song.

The idea just ‘came’ to him when he was driving his tractor at work one day.  Marty said: “A line just popped into my head, so I went with it.”

Marty added: “I was starting to set up my own studio and I thought I would use this song as a test.  I thought no one would be interested in it.”

The Diff, by the way for those who don't know, is a gearing mechanism on tractors and other heavy machines that locks wheels so they turn at the exactly the same time, useful for steep or tricky driving conditions.

The 147th Balmoral Show began on Wednesday, and up to 90,000 are expected to attend this week.

Organisers say there's something for everyone from the latest in 21st farming technology to coiffed pedigree cattle, equestrian events, world class arena stunts and the very best home-grown food.

The three-day annual event, which runs at Balmoral Park until Friday, also features a live demonstration of a robotic milking machine.

Other attractions include world-class arena stunts, food and craft villages and a funfair which runs alongside more traditional rural exhibitions such as sheep-shearing competitions, parades of prize-winning animals and displays of vintage machinery.

Help Marty make the million – now view his own video on YouTube

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