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Shirley Blair

I'm a Celebrity gives us invaluable insights into autism in the workplace 

Anne Hegerty's appearance on this year's I'm a Celebrity has provided a valuable and sympathetic insight into autism. Like Anne (below)- best known as The Governess on TV quiz show The Chase - many people with autism aren't diagnosed until later in life. That means that many have grown up without any understanding of their condition or support on how to manage it. Social isolation and bullying can follow, which may result in difficulties getting, or integrating, into the workplace.

Angela McGowan

CBI: Business community is desperate to move on after long negotiations 

The CBI, along with all other business representatives across NI and civic society, have over the last week voiced our broad support for the Prime Minister's EU Withdrawal Agreement, which, if signed off by the UK, allows us to move on to the real negotiations around future trade. There have been 20 months of negotiations since Article 50 was triggered. What we have on the table now is a compromise withdrawal deal that while not perfect, is a step forward.

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