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Bottoms up to news of retailer's arrival here

A Waitrose in Northern Ireland will find a captive audience. The success of the high end food retailers such as Marks -amp; Spencer is a phenomenon of the economic downturn that has proved most surprising. It seems that with less disposable income to spend in restaurants, we are choosing to treat ourselves at home.

And probably, because we're spending so much time in the house watching television shows dominated by celebrity chefs who market the idea of sourcing high quality ingredients as key, we're more inclined to spend a bit more on the shopping basket.

But it's not all expensive. An auntie on mine has for years requested I go to a Waitrose when in England and source her 'Baby Bottom Butter'. It's not intended for infant use but is apparently comparable to the most expensive face cream on the market. I have of course refused but will now have to come up with a better excuse.