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Business View: Why we're all peaking too soon


Business Editor Margaret Canning

Business Editor Margaret Canning

Business Editor Margaret Canning

I wouldn't like to out any 38-year-olds in the newsroom, but there were stirrings of interest when the Office for National Statistics revealed that workers reach the peak of their earnings at that relatively youthful innings.

Back in the 1970s you reached the zenith of your earning power at 29. But in 2013, 38-year-olds had the highest average earnings of £13.93 per hour typically.

Men's earnings were peaking at 50 and women's at 34. In 1975, the group with the highest average earnings were 29-year-olds – although they usually earned less at their peak when inflation is taken into account. It's enough to put you off 70s nostalgia for good.

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