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Company Report: Uni-Trunk Holdings


The family-owned Uni-Trunk group of companies is based in Lisburn.Property and business operational details are consolidated in the parent company, Uni-Trunk Holdings.

In the last three years the group has reported increasing and improving results. But for a chance variation in the timing of reports on the annual results, the Uni-Trunk group would have just qualified for the forthcoming Top 100 more profitable companies.

The main business expertise of the group is in cabling and cable management systems. A recent contract in Leeds used a RIS (Rapid Installation System) as part of an installation transforming the Leeds City Council Merrion House building which was delivered in co-operation with BAM construction.

In the last three years, turnover has steadily increased by nearly 25% and in 2016 was close to an annual total of £35m.

In recent publicity the business has reported on contracts won in England: in Leeds, Loughborough, Darlington and London.

Operating profits and pre-tax profits have risen more quickly than turnover. Pre-tax profits in 2016 were over 12% of turnover.

The improving profitability has given scope for modest allocations of funds as dividends to the shareholders.

Employment in the group has been stable and increased by 6% in the results for the latest year.

After deducting dividends, post-tax profits were added to accumulated reserves which, at the end of December 2016, allowed the balance sheet value of shareholders' funds to reach nearly £26m.

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