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Downtime allows us to step back and re-assess

By David Elliot

The lull in activity which accompanies a holiday week is a great time for those of us who are working to get our thinking caps on.

Hopefully refreshed after a couple of days away from the office and free from the burden of a ringing phone and overflowing inbox, we can get round to what is cringingly called "strategising" and even maybe find time for some "blue sky thinking".

Obviously, this being a newsroom, we try to avoid such business text book cliches but, having just partaken in an hour of what can only be described as throwing some ideas around over a bucket of chips (yes, a bucket), I can report that it's definitely a worthwhile endeavour.

Every now and again, businesses of all shapes and sizes need to take a step back to analyse whether they're going in the right direction.

It doesn't matter whether you're a news service or a manufacturer of tiny buckets specifically designed to hold chips, time to think about the bigger picture is essential.

So while business owners may be rueing the lost days of productivity, they should really look on them as a catalyst for creativity.

Just don't come up with an idea for a chip bucket. That particular gap in the market has been filled.