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Forget doom and gloom, let's celebrate success

The keyboard on which these words are typed was poised to type a "woe is our economy" missive only a few weeks ago when the final list of Northern Ireland's Top 100 Companies arrived.

Like the self-playing piano you'd find in the saloon of an old Western movie it was going to quietly blame the downturn in the global economy for the anaemic set of results before finishing on a positive note centred on how things can only get better.

Imagine then the surprise when our esteemed economist John Simpson dropped the bombshell that proper order had been resumed.

News that employment amongst our Top 100 companies had climbed by 5% on average, turnover had climbed by just shy of 3% and pre-tax profits by 17% was as surprising as the blistering temperatures we experienced last week.

The fact that the companies we rely on most have managed to grow amidst a Eurozone crisis the like of which none of us are ever likely to witness again is frankly astounding.

It's not been easy but rather than lamenting the troubles of the local economy it's great to be able celebrate success. Let's hope it's been replicated for the many thousands of firms who don't make the list.