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Good news on jobs front

While it's all kicking off in the eurozone, some good news at home.

Capita's announcement that it's to create 330 new jobs at its Belfast office is great news for our fairly dire unemployment situation and for our reputation as a financial hub.

There will be those who will say it's further proof we're being used as an outsourcing destination but when it comes to securing relatively well paid permanent jobs, there's no room for snobbery.

A job is a job and 60,000 people in Northern Ireland are currently scrambling around for precious few of them. Yes, the new positions are a result of the Department of Enterprise's short-term employment scheme but rather than scoffing at the way the investment has been won, we should be holding our hands up and praising the department for a job well done in this case.

It's all too easy to knock government departments, but when solid results like this emerge from one of their initiatives we should be quick to acknowledge it.

And of course not forgetting Capita, who have put their trust in our workforce.

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